Политика доставки

Because I am just a small shop designed to get you some fun Collectibles and products, we have the following shipping policies:

1. Made to order resin prints

Everything in this shop is a made to order product taking about 5-10 business days to fulfill (depending of the order size). There could be some technical difficulty's but I try and keep my printers well tuned so as to not have to many of those.  

2.  We ship out once a week (on Thursdays).

Once your order is fulfilled it will be packaged and sent out the following Thursday

This may change in the future depending on volumes, but our shipping department ( myself) have a lot of work fulling orders, so I only actually fulfill store shipments once a week.. 

3. shipping option.

Working with couriers like Fed Ex can be complicated, both for us and for you.  They are generally more expensive, have more shipping rules, and usually charge you more in brokerage fees and duty if you are not from Canada.

I use Canada Post has my shipping method. 

So basically, your shipment gets to you when it gets to you, but it will get to you in a reasonable amount of time (usually 2-4 weeks after we ship it).


due to Covid19, shipping time can not be guaranteed.