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The Genesys Project is a wargame that allows you to take all those Miniatures in your closet and turn them into a unique faction of your own imagination.  Consisting of 3 ages potentially 4 ages if you count the primitive age, 5 distinct Domains of life to build your factions from and a whole slew of traits and powers no 2 Factions will be exactly alike. 

A bit about the creator of the the Genesys Project

Gary Krieger-Creator of "The Genesys Project"

Quote from the Genesys Project kickstarter page

Gary Krieger – Genesys Games “Why conquer worlds when you can simply create them?" Gary has been involved in tabletop miniature wargaming since the late '90s and is into all aspects of the hobby, including running Faeit 212, the popular "News and Rumor" blog, for nearly a decade. Visit the blog HERE.

 As an avid gamer Gary is deeply addicted to wargaming and the creation process of putting together armies and getting them to the table. The countless hours of list creation, modeling and painting is such an amazing process and he admires how this brings all walks of life together at the tables. 

 With a love for all games, especially those that allow additional customization and narratives, whether in video gaming, RPGs, board games, or tabletop miniatures, the creation of The Genesys Project is a culmination of everything Gary loves about games. Creating the stories, the cinematic conflicts, writing your own backgrounds, and sharing them with people that are good friends and those that will soon be through the experience of gaming. 


There are 5 different Domains each with there own paths of life and traits and options. 

The Genesys Project truly allows unlimited Customization over your factions with the ability to combine the different domains your imagination is only limited by you.

since the lockdowns I have personally spent countless hours creating various factions from Cordycep infected insekts to vampires with slave werewolves and undead minion's. 

the Kickstarter for the 2nd and 3rd ages have been successfully funded.


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