3D printed resin Model scale from 10MM to 75MM

.STL print miniatures shop, printing 3D files (contact me before buying)

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Need some miniatures printed but don't have a 3D printer, look no further Ravenous miniatures is here to help you get your Model into your hands.

Model pricing

24MM+ 50MM+ 70mm+ 100mm+
base Model  6 10 20 Contact Me
Support generation 3 5.50 10
Printer usage 1 3.50 7
Print tests 3 6.50 10
Labor 2 4.50 8
 15$ 30$ 55$


shipping included in final price.

Ravenous Miniatures can not be held responsible for Defects resulting from .Stl model creation and will not replace damaged products resulting from Model design.


message me before purchasing so we can talk about your model.