Dark Olive Green Collectible model drakkisan-wyrmspawn-collection-25-50mm-28-32mm-resin-miniatures-for-ttrpg-and-wargames

Drakkisan Wyrmspawn Collection, Resin miniatures for TTRPG and wargames

Ravenous Miniatures,
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In The Collection

  • 4-Wyrmcult Supplicants 
  • 3-Drakkisan Wyrmidon
  • 1-Wyrmsired Hoard-Tyrant
  • 1- Brood-Watchers of Drakkisan (clothed)

Renders and Model where done by Battle Yak Miniatures
Made to order 5-10 processing days
All products are Unpainted, Unassembled Resin miniatures.

  • get one of each model

"Great Drakkisan, we worship you! We tremble and we obey! Your essence enlightens us! Your blood transforms us! Your hunger empowers us! We offer you this sacrifice! The blood of the defilers, who would dare to desecrate the sacred hoard! The blood of the world, made glittering and golden, so the hoard may grow! Feed upon both, be nourished and grow stronger, until the inevitable day when you awaken and rise again! Praise to Drakkisan, and ever praise!"

-Sacrificial Rite of the Great Old Wyrm

Deep underground in vast caverns and abandoned mountain strongholds, an ancient power is on the rise. In the dark, enormous mountains of treasure glitter by the light of torches, vast amounts of gold coins and jewelry filling entire halls and grand chambers top to bottom with incalculable wealth. Humanoid creatures covered in reptilian scales, with horned heads and lashing tails, endlessly patrol in the dark, their slit-pupil eyes ever watchful. Through dark tunnels and hidden passageways that span the world, they drag sacksful of coin and chests of golden treasure back to their lair, hurling the wealth onto the great hoard, growing it ever larger. It is more than mere mortal greed or avarice that drives such creatures. They are the servants of a vast and alien intelligence, a being older than myth, and terribly, terribly hungry. They are the Drakkisan Wyrmspawn.