Luna , 28/32mm resin miniatures for TTRPG and wargames - Ravenous Miniatures

Luna , 28/32mm resin miniatures for TTRPG and wargames

Ravenous Miniatures, bite the bullet
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Luna and the Acolytes, Cultists of the Ancients 

Since the day that being very little she was adopted by the crew, Luna was always close to Lorenzo, she followed him everywhere and above all ... she kept asking him about anything she saw or heard.

Lorenzo delightedly answered (almost) all his pupil's questions, always with a smile on his face, he adored that inquisitive and intelligent girl.

After the incident that day, when Lorenzo recovered from his trance it was of course Luna who was right next to him, terribly worried and on the verge of tears, and it was only to her that he transmitted any more details about the conversation he had with that ancient being.

Luna also gained great knowledge and powers after the incident with the artifact and continued to support Lorenzo, although she now called himself Kerioth.

After listening to Kerioth's speech, there were many who poured themselves completely into his faith and became his most loyal acolytes.

Some of his followers hesitated (and even became afraid of him)  when an increasingly aggressive Kerioth addressed them, but despite the changes that her master was going through Luna was and will always be by his side.


Renders and Model where done by Bite the Bullet
Made to order 5-10 processing days
all Models use 32mm scale. Message me for custom size
All products are Unpainted, Unassembled Resin miniatures.

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