Dolores, Resin miniatures 11:56 (28mm / 32mm) scale - Ravenous Miniatures

Dolores, Resin miniatures 11:56 (28mm / 32mm) scale

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    • Renders and Model where done by Bite the Bullet
    • All products are Unpainted, Unassembled Resin miniatures


What began as an expedition like any other led to the "loss" of an entire crew.

A battle-hardened crew of pirates found a treasure much greater than expected and along with it, an ancient artifact, an artifact concealing an evil power. 

Few are the pirates who could have overcome their greed and act with caution. As soon as his hand came into contact with the artifact, a wave of power shook the entire island, affecting the whole crew. 

No one knows exactly what those pirates experienced, but we do know the consequences on those who tried to seize it. That incident gave dark powers to some of the strongest, some kind of vinculation with an ancient creature, a union with the old that somehow, they managed to handle. 

Their former captain, Dolores, adopted a new form, she ... made a connection with that creature ... a creature who belonged to the deepest part of the ocean and in return from her services she received a huge power.

 Others were not so affected physically but changed in other ways, they became something else after that day, and there were others ... the less fortunate did not withstand the charge of energy that shook the island, suffered terrible malformations and lost all control about their own minds. 

That day the Cult of the Ancients was created, and that pirate crew who made contact first with the artifact became the Warriors of the Ancients, defending the island and those who share their believes. 


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