Primal heart Reaver , Resin miniatures 11:56 (28mm / 34mm) scale - Ravenous Miniatures

Primal heart Reaver , Resin miniatures

Ravenous Miniatures
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Bring your gaming table to life with the beautiful and imposing 34mm Primal Heart Reaver miniature, crafted from high-quality resin. Fully assembled and unprimed, the resin miniatures from Battle Yak Miniatures will make an amazing addition to your collection. This miniature is highly detailed and perfect for 28mm or 34mm scale gaming.

: high-quality resin.
Class/Race: Primal heart.
Height: 34mm.
Properties: unpainted, assembled.  unprimed                                                                       

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all renders are done by the artist and don't show print quality.